After the break up in '89, Jan, Paul and Trevor moved to the USA for various reasons, mostly female related. Nick stayed in London playing with other bands and generally being Nick Chown.

Whilst recording a solo album in '97, Trevor found himself being pulled in several stylistic directions. After recording a couple dozen songs, it was evident that some of the material was leaning in a distinctly Bolshoi direction.

With Beggars Banquet releasing a best of collection, it seemed like the right time to give the world some New Bolshoi. Although not recorded by the original band members (there is one collaboration with Paul), the songs are pure Bolshoi, it's just that Trevor had to do all the work... Not something he's very fond of, as those of you who know anything about Mr. Tanner will already be aware of.

Look for the New Bolshoi CD, "Overdriver 2000," around Halloween. (How appropriate!)



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