Bigger Giants 1990

As you can see by the credits on the bottom of the previous page, Bigger Giants was actually released in 1990, well after the original Giants e.p. (1985). It also came after the band really had called it quits, so it may be assumed that Situation Two, the label, thought that there were enough rabid fans to buy it. Were they wrong?

The Trouser Press Record Guide has this to say about the cd and first e.p.:

Sounding like a modest cross between U2 and early Cult, this Leeds trio isn't exactly good (vocalist Trevor Tanner ain't got what it takes), but they're not dead in the water, either. The six-track Giants has some promising ideas and intriguing production qualities, but nothing else going for it.
. . .
Released in 1990, Bigger Giants consists of Giants plus two 12-inch singles of the same vintage. With a weird cover of Hendrix's "Crosstwon Traffic,: a wretchedly Bowiesque rendition of Jaques Brel's "Amsterdam" and two different versions of "Happy Boy," this record proves conclusively that, in the Bolshoi's case at least, bigger isn't necessarily better.

Ira A. Robbins

I can't say I agree with this summary, especially regarding Giants, which I think is just magnificent. The 1990 compilation has some raw power that really excites, and "Boxes" alone is worth the price. Where else can you get these items on cd, anyway, right? The Situation Two singles are difficult to find, especially in the US, and "Sliding Seagulls" was left off the Friends U.S. release that combined the Giants e.p. with the album (With two tracks trimmed off Friends).


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