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The Bolshoi Live at The Town & Country Club - 07/23/1986

These tracks are the ones found on the limited edition 12" singles for "Sunday Morning" and "Books on the Bonfire," and the cassette single for "Books." The tracks were coined "Give it Some" and there were three volumes of two songs each.

The tracks were recorded using the world-famous Manor Mobile (Read all about why it's famous here) and are without a doubt the best live tracks so far. In fact, at times the sound is studio quality and indistinguishable from the original track.

The tracks are presented below in order of the "Give it Some" they appear on, not necessarily in the set list order. The first two tracks are "A Way" and "Billie Jean," ripped from the "Sunday Morning" 12". Both are great performances.

The second two, "Family Farm" and "Pardon Me," are from the "Books" 12". Again, the sound is spectacular and it marks the only recording of "Family Farm" I've been able to find.

Last, but not least, are the tracks "Modern Man" and "Looking for a Life to Lose" from the "Books" cassette single. Because these tracks are not from vinyl, they are the cleanest of the bunch. Parts of "Modern Man," especially are crystal clear.

The song list follows. Click on the file size next to a song title to download that individual song. All files are MP3 format.

Set List

1. A Way - 5:53 (8.1 MB, 192 kbps)
2. Billie Jean - 6:01 (8.3 MB, 192 kbps)
3. Family Farm - 2:51 (3.9 MB, 192 kbps)
4. Pardon Me - 3:58 (5.5 MB, 192 kbps)
5. Modern Man - 5:34 (7.7 MB, 192 kbps)
6. Looking For a Life to Lose - 3:44 (5.1 MB, 192 kbps)


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