After taking a week off, I came back to KMLU ready to spin. I was on a schedule, because as soon as my two-hour show eneded, I was headed to Pomona, CA, to watch Love & Rockets end their North American tour (hence the inclusion of that fabulous track). I think the first four songs set the mood, especially "Fishing," which remains one of my all-time favorites. The Metal Gurus (the glam alter-ego of The Mission) was a fun track, as were the Tom Jones/Wolfgang Press combo. I've wanted to slip that Age of Chance track in for a while, so that was accomplished. The Cult remix allowed me to finish up the first hour on a nice note.

The second hour started off with the lovely Lloyd Cole track (which he didn't play live during the "Love Story" tour) and led to a all-woman block. A couple of 4ad acts, followed by an interesting Jane Siberry Track (as seen on Baywatch -- unfortunately) and the groovy Zoe. After those, I pretty much went with my mood. I had to play the Bolshoi, and A Way II, though inferior to the original, is always listenable. The Gary Numan track is off his excellent 1995 "Sacrifice - The Extended Mixes." Don't let anyone tell you he isn't still at the top of his form. The remaining tracks seemed to fit my mood at the time and I'll just plug the always-incredible James and the great techno of "Mortal Kombat."

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