This was the last broadcast of The Double Hour of Power for the Spring Semester and I planned to make it memorable. I started out strong, then went campy. The first track was from Ruby's "Salt Peter" remix album. I dropped in a few techno/industrial/dance tracks to get the mood going, and decided to end the first hour with Guns and Roses. I'm not a huge fan, but I thought it fit the list for the day.

The second hour began with the delicious track "Born Slippy - Nuxx" by the excellent group Underworld. Buy their last two lps at any costs! They are heavily promoted by former KXLU (and current KCRW/KROQ) DJ Jason Bentley.* The KC and French song were campy, but were followed by some nice synth. I threw in the Wolfgang Press and Bubblemen (Love and Rockets) because I can't let a week go by without something by them! I ended with a couple of my favorite bands, Men Without Hats and Shriekback (I didn't bring any of The Bolshoi). That was it for the day -- and the semester. I'll be back in August/September!

*Since writing these comments (soon after the original broadcast), Underworld has become quite popular, and "Born SLippy" was featured on the Trainspotting soundtrack, and the video has been seen often on MuchMusic and MTV. Also, the song was remixed and has gained heavy airplay on 103.1 Groove Radio in Los Angeles. All success is deserved for Underworld. Also, I was lucky enough to catch the band during the Summer at the Organic Festival at Big Bear Mountain. The band is incredible live...

Also, this turned out to be my last (as of now) broadcast. During the Summer, KLMU was totally torn down during a renovation of the building that houses it. As of this writing, it remains off the air. Someday it might return, and hopefully Shriekman will as well...

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