"Whatever happened to?"

TREVOR After the band's demise, Trevor formed a new band, KITE, which played at least one live show in London around 1992 (I saw an ad for the gig in NME). The ad simply stated "Trevor Tanner from the Bolshoi has a new band: Kite." The ad appears at the bottom of this page for your own inspection -- Imagine, seeing Trevor Tanner for a mere $10 US... Apparently, Kite recorded an lp that was never released. That's the last I've heard of Trevor, who supposedly resides in the United States.

NICK Nick was in a band named THE BROTHERLAND which released one lp, Nightmares and Dreams on a small German indie label, Kingsize Records. If you can find it, let me know! Joining Nick in THE BROTHERLAND were ex-members of THE GODFATHERS and DR. AND THE MEDICS. Nick resides in England.

PAUL Paul is living in Seattle, Washington, and continues to make music. He has a new instrumental album due in 1997. He even has a presence on the web, which you can link to here. It's well worth a look.

JAN Jan Kalicki is apparantly living in the United States. That is all I know.

Any new information? Please drop me a note!

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