Welcome to Lindy's Party

For a change, the Trouser Press Record Guide had something positive to say about the Bolshoi:

After such slow beginnings, the quartet finally located a workably thick equilibrium between guitar and keyboards on the self-produced Lindy's Party, ten new slices of threadbare lyrical pretension delivered in Tanner's usual semi-tolerable voice. Less specifically derivative than the group's previous records, Lindy's Party should have been the Bolshoi's debut.

Ira A. Robbins

Well, maybe not that positive. I've included these comments because, in general, the Trouser Press Record Guide is one of the best information guides out there for anyone interested in 80s music or British bands in particular. The fourth edition of the Guide was published in 1991, and Ira Robbins has come out with a fifth edition in early 1997 that is dedicated to bands who have released lps in the 90s. The Bolshoi is no longer listed, along with other prominent bands (some of which released albums in this decade). Pick up both editions if you want the best musical refrences available!

Another musical reference is The Guiness Encycolpedia of Popular Music, which has this to say in its pages:

Although much maligned for their perceived attachment to the dying embers of the mid-80s UK Gothic rock movement, the Bolshoi were nevertheless gifted songwriters. The band comprised Trevor Tanner (vocals/guitar), Nick Chown (bass), and Jan Kalicki (drums), with Paul Clark (keyboards) joining in time for the band's first album. However, it was 1985's mini-album GIANTS, which gave first notice of their abilities, in particular the bittersweet growing pains described in "Happy Boy." Another epic single, "Books On the Bonfire," graced the follow-up FRIENDS. However, the more manicured material gathered on LINDY'S PARTY represented a difficult transition and one which marked the band's demise.
Albums: Giants (1985), Friends (1986), Lindy's Party (1987)

Not much I can comment on this one. Guiness is an encyclopedia, and doesn't really review the music like Trouser does. Still, anything that mentions the Bolsh is worth reprinting, wouldn't you say?




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